full analogue output rack

20150614 Full Analogue Output Stage

Over the years, the trusty dBx Driverack has been used for the output section of the PA system. This is an awesome piece of equipment, but it comes at a latency cost. This is not necessarily a bit concern, but since we are focusing on old-skool values and putting together an analog system it has been replaced.

The output is now just like we did 20 years ago. An EQ and a cross-over. I’m not satisfied with the BBE on the main output so it will probably be used as an effects loop or on a sub-group. The Driverack will still be used as a sub-harmonic synth and compressor for kick and bass.

Stay tuned for some A:B comparisons between pure analogue and digital in the future.

For now, true zero-latency has been achieved.