20170409 Don’t buy a SKB R1400 Mixer Case for a Behringer X32 Producer

Behringer X32 Producer mounted in SKB R1400 case
Behringer X32 Producer mounted in SKB R1400 case

I’ve just recently purchased a Behringer X32 Producer to be the centrepiece of my mobile audio set-up. But as with anything that travels on the road, a good case is always worth the investment. I’ve been a long-time fan of SKB Cases, I own about 16 other SKB cases which are fantastic for carrying rack gear, mics and other stuff. These cases protect the gear well and have just enough flexibility to take some knocks (and reduce impacts). I love them!

Once I had bought my new mixer I went to Behringer’s site to look for rack-mounting recommendations… nothing. SKB’s site recommended the R1400 and searching the internet resulted in useless opinions. So I took a punt and ordered a SKB R1400 case.

The SKB R1400 is built really well just like any other SKB case. But this case is HUGE and clumsy in the following ways:

  • There is 80mm (> 3 inches) of clearance underneath the mixer making the whole thing top-heavy.
  • The case has not rubber feet on the bottom, so it will slide of any table you place it on (exaserbating the above point).
  • At around 820mm in length, this case will overhang most desks (increasing the risk of the above two scenarios).

Let’s face it, gigs are places bustling with people and something is going to get knocked. If I had my mixer in this case and someone nudges a cable or leans against the desk it’s going to go flying. Since it’s top-heavy is going to land face-down which will destroy the top row of knobs on the mixer. This is a disaster waiting to happen, so my mixer is better off outside the case than in it.

At this point I’m going to turn this case into a really expensive cable base and buy a more suitable case. My big lesson here is that I should have checked the measurements more closely before committing my money. SKB’s recommendations in this arena were rather crap.

What I do like about this case is the way it slants the mixer upwards a little and the space left above means you can easily access cables.

Given that there is very little information on the internet about these cases, it has inspired me to write this page so someone else does not have to go through this pain. Keep watching whilst I find a suitable case for my mixer.

As for possible alternatives:

If you know of any rack cases that would snugly hold a X32 Producer, please let me know.

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