20170806 Behringer X32 Producer Road Case Solved

As mentioned previously, I have been struggling to find a suitable case for my X32. I happened to be in Auckland's Digital Rockshop and I was having a closer look at the DJ cases. The sales guy pulled out this Gator G-Mix 12U pop-up case which another customer ordered in but decided against it. My X32 fits this fantastically well.

I can't believe my luck, it's a perfect fit and I can also carry it with one hand. So it ticks all the boxes. I do wish it was a little more solid (like SKB cases are) but I don't think I'll find a plastic case better than this.

Since the mixer pops up out of the case, I can also use the space below for spare cables and a router. Note that the rails on the mixer needed to be attached in the upper position so I could access the headphone socket. You'll see a gold adapter sticking out to show you its accessible.

The images here should give you an idea of how snugly the mixer fits in the case. This has made transporting the mixer so much easier.

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