Like microphones, speakers have an important role to play in the overall sound of a system. Most PA speakers are built for maximum volume and ruggedness, with sound quality being an after-thought. We focus first on getting vocal clarity perfect and then work on the high-end and low-end parts of the spectrum.

The speakers we use in our kit are:

  • Mackie SRM-350 – gorgeously detailed mid-range and high-end, they are the closest to hifi we’ve ever heard in a PA speaker.
  • Custom made dual Eminence 12″ with JBL horn – for when power is required.
  • JBL JRX 18 – portable 18 inch subs that can provide solid and thumping bass.
  • Fender Rumble 18 – portable 18 inch subs designed for outdoor use.
  • Wharfedale wedges – the 12 inch drivers in these provide fantastic mid-range. Brilliant for hearing what you’re doing without getting excessively loud.

We find that when the mid-range (i.e. the vocal area of the frequency spectrum) is right then the volume doesn’t need to be so loud to achieve clarity. This means that the vocalists on stage can hear what they’re doing and the audience won’t have their fingers in their ears. When the audience is wrapped in a warm rich sound, the performance becomes a much more immersive experience for them.

Part of our setup process is to place the speakers in the room where they can perform the best. We then “measure” the room and tune our cross-overs and EQs to balance out the hype and lulls of the room. We also tune a little bit more to match the style of music.

When doing DJ sets, we are often complemented about how much better our equipment sounds compared to home hi-fi systems.

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