20150426 Let’s get Geoff to Uganda

The Wairarapa’s most prominent photographer, Geoff Walker, organised a fundraising event at Colombo Winegrowers. This was to aid in getting Geoff off to Uganda to assist in Ludok in being more self-sufficient. I was impressed how Geoff could organise child sponsorships where ALL of the money went to the child and their community. No middle agency involved.

If you want to assist in Geoff’s efforts, he has a give a little page setup. Geoff has been to Uganda before and has spent a decent amount of time understanding what people need. So any money pledged will be targeted towards efforts that will benefit the Ugandan people in the long run.

Dirty Sound Gear

20150307 The Aftermath from the Martinborough Bull Ride

It’s amazing just how much dust gets generated from a bull ride. These are pictures of what things looked like after the Pukemanu Martinborough Bull Ride. It took a while to clean the dust off, fortunately I’ve had to do this before so I know a few shortcuts. Definitely glad that everyone could hear the event this year.

Dirty Cables and Speakers
Dirty Cables and Speakers

High Definition Audio

With the release of Pono, quite a few journalists have decided to destroy it. I think this bad, Pono is quite a unique product in the market and I would like that it has every chance of success.

Personally, I have no intention of buying a portable high definition audio player. To be honest, I source most of my music from iTunes. Sure it’s only 44.1kHz, 16bit with 256kbps MPEG2 compression added. Sometimes I get music from other channels which use 44.1/16/320kbps MPEG1. I love it that sites like bandcamp give me the option of downloading FLAC or uncompressed at 44.1/16. This is good enough for most cases, plus I get the advantages of portability. I’m speaking as an audio engineer and a pragmatist.

The purpose of this article is to point out that there are some checks, balances and common-sense in this equation. My perspective on this issue is that of an audio engineer, (repressed) hi-fi dude, musician and DJ.

M-Audio Tampa Close-up

M-Audio Tampa Mic Preamp

I’ve always been impressed with M-Audio gear. They seem to get a good balance of doing something simply, reliably and also in-expensive. Since, I’m going to be selling my Tampa (as I’m getting rid of my studio equipment and focusing on live) I thought I would write a quick review of it.

In short, this is a fantastic mic pre to add some valve-like coloration to a signal in a subtle way.

20141016 Masterton Medical Centre Hypno Show

We had a lot of fun with the team from Masterton Medical Centre. The staff at Paper Road Winery were fantastic and treated us very well. We managed to transform the venue into an intimate but rockin’ place. I’m sure that Gerard will remember this as one of the better shows as we got all of the little details sorted. A big thanks to the Paper Road staff and Masterton Medical Centre for being such an awesome group of people!

A night of fun and entertainment for the team from Masterton Medical Centre.
A night of fun and entertainment for the team from Masterton Medical Centre.