What We Provide

The preference for Sofar Sounds shows is to go as minimal as possible. Our goal is to be as intimate as we can. We would rather get the audience as close as possible and be completely acoustic. But we rarely achieve this. Here’s how we work with each scenario.


To get a good acoustic sound, we need a vocalist who can project their voice, acoustic instruments and a reverberant room. As soon as you add anything amplified to the equation you end up creating a scenario where the people further away from the vocalist can only hear the instrument and the people close can only hear vocals.

A good example of acoustic working well is Teia Kennedy’s performance. Whereas with Graeme James the vocals nearly disappeared.

Small Room

When space is tight and the room is reasonably lively (i.e. most places) we’ll bring the smallest PA possible. This usually consists of:

Larger Room

If we’ve got some more space to breathe, the room is quite dead or we’re outdoors we’ll bring a little more. Specifically:

The New Jungle Order performance is an example of a larger space.


We can also supply the following to help out: