On Going Repairs

I’ve finally fixed the haze machine

The curse of owning gear is that the more you have, the more often something will be broken. Keeping up with maintenance and repairs is vital, unfortunately this hazer has been sitting around dead for a far too long. I’ve just managed to get the haze machine going again. The hardest part was finding the time needed to dedicate to it’s repair. I’m very glad to have it back in action. Lighting just doesn’t look the same without a little haze.

20151220 Martinborough Christmas Carols

This was a massive challenge of an event as there was no sound check. We had to wing it and make the most of what we could.

The big lesson learnt here was not to use condensers as a way to pick up a choir. This would be perfectly fine in a recording situation but it is next to useless in a live outdoor situation. Luckily we had a bunch of AKG D5’s in front of the choir so we could pull those up to make them audible. The sound wasn’t the best as there was some distance, but there was just enough gain before feedback to be useful.

Next time, we’ll have a more cunning array of mics prepared.

20150426 Let’s get Geoff to Uganda

The Wairarapa’s most prominent photographer, Geoff Walker, organised a fundraising event at Colombo Winegrowers. This was to aid in getting Geoff off to Uganda to assist in Ludok in being more self-sufficient. I was impressed how Geoff could organise child sponsorships where ALL of the money went to the child and their community. No middle agency involved.

If you want to assist in Geoff’s efforts, he has a give a little page setup. Geoff has been to Uganda before and has spent a decent amount of time understanding what people need. So any money pledged will be targeted towards efforts that will benefit the Ugandan people in the long run.

Dirty Sound Gear

20150307 The Aftermath from the Martinborough Bull Ride

It’s amazing just how much dust gets generated from a bull ride. These are pictures of what things looked like after the Pukemanu Martinborough Bull Ride. It took a while to clean the dust off, fortunately I’ve had to do this before so I know a few shortcuts. Definitely glad that everyone could hear the event this year.

Dirty Cables and Speakers
Dirty Cables and Speakers